Studio album
Retoduction RR 001

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1. Nurinperia 5.30
2. Servoaave 8.10
3. Narsistori 2.50
4. Gozmoz 6.30
5. Tetrarkia 15.30
6. Omnisapiens 5.00
7. Metakone 9.30
8. Jumalaattori I-IV 20.50

Released on British Neu Harmony label in late 2000 as NHR 018 (remixed and remastered version)

Cyberiad was named after a book by Stanislaw Lem (the favourite author, if you ask Ami or Jyrki). Apart from the literary inspiration, the album was the band´s contribution to the ”retro” phenomenom. In Great Britain, the 1970´s synth music aesthetics were ressurrected in the late 90´s, thanks to the bands like NODE, RMI and Redshift. Nemesis had lots of ”retro” equipment in their studio, so it was no wonder that they too took a few steps back on purpose.

The album was made by Ami and Jyrki in a little more time than a month. The inspiration and enthusiasm is clearly to be heard on the album and on it the band jams really well. It was a fresh return to the original influences of Nemesis, as the techno scene was already becoming mainstream. This is one of the most well-recieved albums in the Nemesis discography and its effects were clearly to be heard in band´s music for years afterwards.


”Last year ’Sky Archeology’ by Nemesis was a very big seller for us. They have now allowed us to re-release their first album ’Cyberiad’ on Neu Harmony CDR. It is a superb album- if anything even more retro than the follow up and firmly enhances their reputation as a class act” David Law, Synth Music Direct