Freeride/Spinefarm 001
CD digipack


1. Sky Archeology 14.59
2. Gygnus Loop 7.28
3. Tango Fornax 9991 9.58
4. Nova Stella 6.06
5. Monocheros 6.30
6. Almagest 11.51
7. Anaxagoras 9.20



Cool name. Cool cover art. Cool music. That about sums up this very cool CD, which comes from two Finnish musicians, Jryki Kastman and Ami Hassinen, whose names I recognize from the Spirits Burning project conceived by Don Falcone.The music here is much more traditional electronic music, not proggish at all. However, in a day and age when Berlin school is done to death, Nemesis’ music is startlingly, refreshingly different. Perfectly serving up a blend of old school Teutonics with percolating modern rhythms and sounds, this is a sonic treat.

Beginning ably with the 15-minute title track, long flowing sweeps and drifting pads are joined by layers of electronic loops and beats, moving along at a moderate clip. Heavy bass comes in midway through, giving the music a more modern feel, even as classic analog sounds continue to ebb and flow throughout. An impressive Ashra-like sound follows, even though there is nary a guitar to be found in the credits, only synths, programming, and effects. The energy builds to an almost frenetic climax, then drifts off into space at the end.

But don’t come up for air just yet, as all the music flows smoothly together without pause. ”The Cygnus Loop” jumps right in, starting slow with crickets and other night sounds, then a swirling pulse. A pounding drum and bass section follows, mixed with a light, lilting electronic lead line, which starts subtle, then moves forward into the mix, asserting itself perfectly. This is totally infectious, fun music.
”Tango Fornax 9991” is yet another perfect blend of retro and modern, a cross between Tangerine Dream of the 1970s, and Global Communication of the 1990s, but not sounding too derivative of either. Mellotron flutes tango with playful bass lines and other electronics.

”Nova Stella” takes a darker turn, and is much less beat-oriented, but this is a momentary respite only, as ”Monocheros” jumps back into energetic mode, with the catchiest beat and lead lines of the bunch. This is a totally smoking track.
A perfect contrast is ”Almagest,” a very soft, relaxing piece. The mixture of ambience and beats on this remind me very much of Saul Stokes work on his ”Zo Pilots” CD. The mellotron flute is again beautiful here.
The disc closes with ”Anaxagoras,” a minor-key masterpiece that comes closest to pure Berlin school, with dark choirs and very TD-like sequences, and a dash of old Jarre sounds for good measure.

The finest release I’ve heard so far in 2000, I enjoy it more each time I play it. A virtual must-have.

2000. Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine


Review from SMD

The first thing that hits you about this CD is the superb packaging. It comes in a digi pack with brilliant artwork throughout. But the quality doesn’t finish there. The music certainly lives up to the presentation.

Deep cosmic drones as if we are floating past a vast brooding powerful sun get the title track under way. We are then greeted to what sounds like ghostly phantoms but by two minutes the first sequence is already starting to build. It’s a lovely big bass one with vast synth pads flying past over the top. The sequence increases in intensity. A repeated motif is added and an accompanying rhythm snuggles into the middle of the mix. At six minutes a deeper series of notes gives the piece even greater depth. God, I absolutely love this track! At seven minutes a laser sharp lead line joins in and as to be expected from the quality already shown is awesome. It is well composed and not remotely meandering, pushing the track along to reach even greater heights. This is so good! Things only calm down right at the end as we float through strange alien noises into the next track ’The Cygnus Loop’. More cosmic sounding synth pads provide a backdrop for a gentle rhythm around which another sequence forms. A melody is added and we get into a groove which your body will not be able to resist moving to. The lead lines deployed on this track are very infectious and the sequence and rhythm gives them impetus, resulting in another smashing piece.

’Tango Fornax 9991’ gently follows on with a deep and very resonant drum beat providing the initial structure but then the most catchy melody so far soars over the top. A second answering flute lead now comes in. This is really how EM melodies should be, poignant and yet not remotely twee. The track then moves into a wicked groove. Look, it’s as simple as this – just buy it! This got me moving so much I couldn’t hit any of the right keys on the keyboard. Powerful, catchy and yet staying faithful to its EM origins. Absolutely fantastic! ’Nova Stella’ is a very spacey number with a rumbling bass sequence attracting the attention most even though it is quite low in the mix. A higher register sequence and mellotron sounds propel us into ’Monocheros’ . A deep bass rhythm and another fantastic sequence take us into warp drive. ’Almagest’ is another track with spacey beginnings but just after the half way mark a rather strange sequence comes to the surface. Finally we get ’Anaxagoras’. A deep bass rhythm counts out time. The melody sounds like earlyish Vangelis to me but then things become more haunting. At four minutes a melodic motif changes the mood entirely and we get into another one of those infectious grooves. This is a simply unmissable album, which comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t like it. If there are any more like it during 2000 we are going to be in for another vintage year. (DL)


Review from Sonic Curiosity

Nemesis is Jyrki Kastman and Ami Hassinen. Based in Finland, they deliver 66 minutes of extremely spacey electronic music on this CD.Taking apart the heavens with a scientific scrutiny, this music reconstructs constellations into dramatically droning soundscapes. Abstract tonalities blend with keyboard textures to produce an astral escape velocity wrought with tension and awe-inspiring revelation. There are even percussive elements buried in the mix, attributing a slowbuilding rhythm to the music. By the time the space guitar begins its distant wail, the listener is already deeply immersed in a quantum trance and primed for the breathtaking ether ahead. The melodies grow increasingly lush, overlaying numerous sequences and patterns to produce passages of dense complexity. A wide range of tones are utilized, giving each piece a versatile depth that superbly captures the majesty of outer space expanding around the audience. As riffs evolve and undulate, space is further defined for appreciation. Masterful without being demonstrative, this tuneage is thoroughly entertaining and intellectually stimulating. The pieces possess the ability to fill the air with comfortable melodies that seethe with a restrained dynamic power. Lightheadedness might be encountered while listening to this music, so cosmic is the mood, so compelling are the compositions.


Nemesis on jo pitkään ollut eräs suomalaisen ambient/elektro/ syntsa -kulttuurin tärkeimmistä kiertolaisista. Vaikka edellisestä varsinaisesta täyspitkästä albumista on jo lähes viisi vuotta, voimakaksikko Ami Hassinen ja Jyrki Kastman ei ole pitänyt koneitaan pois päältä. Nemesis on ollut mukana useilla sekä ulko- että kotimaisilla kokoelmilla, joista tuorein on saksalaisella merkillä julkaistu A Tribute to Klaus Schulze. Miehet ovat lisäksi sivuprojektinaan tehneet moogien ja mellotronien ystävien iloksi retro-henkistä nostalgiamusiikkia ja näyttäneet, että homma toimii myös lavalla.

Sky Archeology on tuore ja moderni, mutta eräällä tapaa ajaton levy. Nemesiksen musiikissa on päällekkäin ja rinnakkain eri aikatasoja, elektroniikan vuosikymmenet soivat luontevasti nykyisten digitaalilaitteiden ja sähköbeatin seurassa. Aitojen ja digitaalisesti mallinnettujen analogikoneiden vuosikertasoundit säteilevät lämpöä ja kosmisten äänimatkailijoiden yhteisestä muistista nousevat soundimaailmat luovat tuttua taustahuminaa. Minimoogit ja Micromoogit ynnä muu antiikki ei ole Nemesikselle itseisarvo tai pelkästään tyylikästä rekvisiittaa, vaan sitä myös osataan käyttää.

The Cygnus Loop kuvaa hyvin Nemesiksen nykyistä kurssia: koordinaatit ovat kohdallaan, tukevat pulssit kuljettavat spiraalimaisesti kohti horisonttia ja paikoin gravitaatio hellittää yllättäen otteensa. Sky Archeology on kypsää näkemystä: ikinuoren konemusiikin uutta pulssia, ambientia, psykedeliaa ja syntikkamusiikin pioneerien progressiivista otetta, taivaankannen geometriaa, tähtisumujen kohinaa ja ajan lyhyttä historiaa.