Live Archive vol 3 – Trajectory of Sound

1. Pauanne D minor 13.33
2. Kaiku pt 3 4.55
3. Io-Io 10.12
4. Announcement 0.58
5. Hiivala 7.32
6. Raggaeniac 6.55
7. Shaman Drum 7.00
8. Pauanne F minor 16.59

1: Varasto, Kokkola 10.10.2006
2: 1st Pauanne festival 17.7.2004
3-5: DBtL, Turku 10.6.2000
6: Rauhala, Oulu, 21.9.1997
7:Ambient concert, Kouvola 16.6.2006
8: 2nd Pauanne Festival 16.7.2005

”Here is third and the final part of the Nemesis live archive trilogy. This time the focus is on the more recent years, when our live sets featured even more improvisation than before. There´s good bits from he legendary Pauanne outdoor night concerts in 2004 and 2005, a hectic and rather heavy sections from a set in DBTL festival of Turku in 2000 and a few other things from the past. Almost all of the material is previously unreleased in any form, only the third section of ”Kaiku” is previously released, but this is a rare live version.

Doubtless this live trilogy is a good guide to all things Nemesis.”