Studio album JPCD 001 2002

A soundtrack album for a photo portfolio by Jyrki Portin

Kaiku parts 1-9. (total time 60.00)

all music material by Nemesis and M. Portin 2002


This is a sort of departure in the career of Nemesis. It is a limited edition of only 300 copies and now sold out. It´s a hand made large-format portfolio of 16 photograph prints and a soundtrack album containing 69 mins. of brand new music. The line up is Nemesis with Marko Portin (woodwinds) of Ultra Bra fame.

All material has been especially composed for this project during the Spring and Summer of 2002. The music is inspired by the athmosphere of the Finnish forests and meant to provide ideal, meditative soundtrack for Jyrki Portin´s photographs.

As the portfolio is out of print, the music is currently unavailable for contractual reasons.